RoboThink: Transforming Kids Birthday Parties Around The World

RoboThink Transforming Kids Birthday Parties Around The World

At RoboThink we are bringing science, math, tech and robotic engineering to children around the world in the form of interactive kids birthday parties. Rather than hire a standard bouncy castle, children’s entertainer or a pop up cinema in the garden, why not seize this day and nurture young budding scientists and robotic engineers of the future, with our collection of problem-solving, creative and engaging activities. At RoboThink we are on a mission to inspire and educate children about the evolution of technology and the rise of robotics with lessons and birthday party themes. Based in Chicago, Illinois, we have expanded to 150 different countries. Our recent expansions include Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Portugal. To check if RoboThink has arrived in your hometown, you can search by location here.

Celebrate The Rise Of Robotic Engineering

There’s no doubt that robots are going to become a major part of our society in the next couple of years. In fact, we’re already seeing robots assisting humans in daily life. From delivering room service in hotels across Japan, to welcoming guests as they enter a restaurant, these digital friendly faces and all part of the rise of robotics. Thanks to the development of technology, AI and machine-learning is helping to improve healthcare, education, manufacturing and space exploration. After-all, without robotic engineering, we wouldn’t have the incredible pictures of Mars, taken by the Perseverance rover, built by NASA. And what better opportunity to combine digital innovative, robotic engineering and young minds, than on their birthday.

Or, if a birthday party isn’t possible, why not invest in your son or daughter’s future by gifting them a coding lesson, or perhaps a course on robotic engineering for this birthday. We currently educate 50,000 children around the world on a daily basis. So, why not join our community of future scientists, robotic engineers, coders and game designers.

Kids Birthday Parties For Children 

If your little genius finds robotics and technology exciting, why not celebrate their next birthday with a RoboThink kids birthday party. Specially designed to inspire the next generation and provide endless fun for them and their friends, on their special day.

Kids birthday parties are a wonderful chance to inspire young minds with robotic engineering activities and interactive tech-inspired games. At RoboThink we offer a wide range of kids birthday party themes designed especially to educate and expand the imagination.

By choosing a RoboThink kids birthday party, you can choose from;

  • Battle Robots
  • Space Adventure
  • RoboPetz
  • Amusement Park
  • Girl Genius
  • Go-Kart Racing

This unique hands-on high-tech experience will test your child’s problem-solving skills, ability to lead a team and think outside the box. Build, creative and play with Battle Robots, or explore the universe with Space Adventures. Experience, experiment and create and enjoy learning about tech, science, math and robotic engineering, before you blow out your candles. Take a look to see if RoboThink kids birthday parties are available in your location and unlock the creative and thrilling fun of robotic engineering, coding and game design.

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