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Jadilah insinyur pesawat ruang angkasa, desain robot pertempuran, dan banyak lagi di RoboThink!

STEM Blocks | STEM, Coding, Robotics, Engineering Programs | RoboThink

RobotThink Holiday Camp is an exciting place where kids explore the world of robotics through fun activities and hands-on projects. From building their own robots to coding them to perform cool tasks, campers learn essential STEM skills while having a blast. With engaging instructors and plenty of teamwork, RobotThink Holiday Camp sparks curiosity and creativity in young minds, making learning an unforgettable adventure!

STEM Blocks | STEM, Coding, Robotics, Engineering Programs | RoboThink

Calling all future champions and robot enthusiasts!

Brace yourself for an action-packed camp at RoboThink, where you’ll embark on an epic journey of building and battling with a wide variety of awe-inspiring robots.

Put on your engineer’s hat and bring your robot to life using gears, motors, axles, and our state-of-the-art hardware. Then, step into the arena and engage in thrilling battles and challenges that will push your skills to the limit. No experience necessary– just come ready to battle, have fun, and let your robot reign supreme!

Get ready for a tank-tastic experience at our battle-themed camp!

Back by popular demand, join us for another round of Robot Battles as students dive into the exciting world of tanks, building a variety of different armored machines. Throughout the program, they’ll tackle numerous challenges and engage in epic robot battles that will test their engineering skills to the max!

This program is designed for seasoned RoboThinkers, but newbies are always welcome– just prepare for an exhilarating challenge that will leave you hungry for more!

Exploring the Undersea World - A Marine Adventure for Young Innovators

Did you know that there’s an entire world of engineers and biologists that work in the ocean!
In this program called “Under the Sea” at RoboThink, you’ll get a chance to learn about our
aquatic friends that live under the oceans by making robot fishes, crabs, sea turtles and

In the upcoming journey of 5 days, students will be in an underwater adventure as Marine
Engineer on a mission to explore the oceans. They will learn about endangered sea animals,
marine aquipment, fishing and a lot more.

See you soon Junior Marine Engineers!

Welcome to the Enchanting World of RoboThink Land!

As the newest rollercoaster engineer, your child will embark on a thrilling adventure to create the most incredible amusement park ever!

Using motors, axles, gears, and more, they’ll bring their imagination to life by designing and constructing a wide variety of thrilling theme park rides. From the majestic Ferris Wheel to the heart-pounding rollercoaster, get ready for a whirlwind of excitement and fun! No prior experience necessary– just come prepared to let your creativity run wild!

Get ready for the best robotics program ever! Throughout the program, students will create their own amusement park, from the name of the park, the price of admission, the design of roller coasters and the layout of the park itself! Students will learn about gear ratios, potential and kinetic energy and centrifugal force while having fun building with the RoboThink robotics kit.

  1. What do we do differently: E-STEAM:
    We teach kids how to make exciting machines and products.
    What ’s next?
  2. Entrepreneurship !
    RoboThink’s exciting new addition to STEAM.
    RoboThink’s E-STEAM programs incorporates entrepreneurship,
    business leadership, presentation and marketing skills for
    children. You’ll find these critical 21st century life skills built into
    the core of many of our exciting new programs for 2021.
  3. What do we provide:
    RoboThink provides all required materials, software, tablets, laptops etc
  4. What kids should bring:
    Nothing other than dietary needs required for the day.
  5. Do I need prior knowledge in Coding or Robotics?:
  6. Do I get a certificate?
    Of course you will, participation and many more!

Prepare for the most thrilling
space adventure of a lifetime!

Your crew of brave astronauts is about to embark on an expedition to the enigmatic planet Mars. What was supposed to be a simple voyage has turned into a captivating journey filled with mysteries and surprises.

Equipped with a fleet of cutting-edge rovers inspired by the legendary Curiosity and Perseverance, it’s up to your child to navigate the uncharted terrain and unravel the secrets of this alien world. With gears, axles, motors, and RoboThink’s proprietary hardware, they’ll also have the opportunity to construct a remarkable spaceship capable of bringing them back home to our beloved solar system.

No prior experience necessary– just bid Earth farewell and get ready to set foot on the red planet!

  • Inspired by popular movies, NASA, and space travel! Come on an adventure building functional robots using unique RoboThink bricks in this super-fun program!

  • Kids will learn about space, space travel, stars, and gravity, all-white building a variety of interstellar robots, and learning some entrepreneurial skills along the way!

  • As a member of the Mars Expedition Team, it’ll be up to your child to work with the other interstellar engineers and help NASA with their space rovers! Along the way, they’ll be learning dozens of facts about Mars.

  • Your child will have a blast exploring the world of robotic technologies as they build, learn, and play.

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