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6 Ways Robotics & AI Will Enhance Everyday Life

While the idea of robots taking over the world is an exciting plot for a Hollywood blockbuster, the development of technology and introduction of robotics comes with a whole range of benefits. From improving quality of life for vulnerable members of society, to tracking loved ones, and making everyday life easier. Let’s explore 6 ways robotics and AI is about the enhance and transform our life!

1: Self Driving Cars

The annual global road crash statistics state that approximately 1.35 million people die in accidents on the road every year! Self driving vehicles could save millions of lives by eliminating human error while on the road. AI technology is allowing drivers to take a back seat and reactive AI technology to get behind the wheel. AI integration will make roads safer for both passengers and pedestrians.

2: Personalized Online Experience AI is helping to improve user experience online by making browsing the web a more personal affair. From providing you with a unique and personal landing page when you next visit your favorite online store, to enabling you to re-order your shopping list on a regular basis rather than adding each individual item to your basket. AI can tailor even an online search to be a more personal digital experience, providing you with unique recommendations based your preferences and search history.

3: Empowering The Older Generation

New VR technology, robotics and AI are helping elderly people live longer, healthier and happier lives. From robots providing companionship, communication and medication reminders, to VR headsets allowing seniors to explore the world without having to leave their home. With the introduction of smart homes, retired people worldwide can create a more comfortable living environment, and their loved ones can also take advantage of security software to keep their family members safe. Technology is helping to entertain, protect and make retirement a more enjoyable time.

4: Technology & Healthcare Healthcare is also being enhanced through technology, software, apps and digital solutions. From wearable tech that can track and monitor blood sugar levels, pulse rate and activity levels, to preventative apps to empower people to monitor their own symptoms, and improve their health at home. Being able to track patient health, receive real time data and use software to assess test results instantly, healthcare has never been more accessible and accurate!

5: Tracking & Security

Apps that can use GPS to track your location and route is helping to safeguard children and women. You can now purchase beautiful pieces of jewelry, with GPS technology that will help you protect your loved ones and track their movements. Whether your child is playing outside, walking to school or you’re going for a jog in the morning, the rise of trackable and wearable tech is helping to make daily life safer for all.

6: Virtual Education From online courses, and the development of games, and apps, technology has made education a virtual reality. Whether you want to learn a new language, take part in a machine learning course or learn how to code, virtual education is now a reality thanks to the development of technology. At RoboThink we are educating the future entrepreneurs, tech experts and AI developers with online virtual coding lessons. RoboThink Online is an online STEM learning program specially designed to teach 21st century skills such as coding, robotics, engineering and entrepreneurship.

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