3 Reasons Why STEM Curriculum Is Key To Machine Learning & Problem-solving

STEM lessons and resources revolve around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but why are these core skills key to the future generation? In this article, we’re going to reveal 3 key reasons why a STEM curriculum is the key to machine learning knowledge and problem-solving skills.

1: Empower The Future Generation
Biologically driven neurological processes and natural curiosity of how the world works make early childhood an optimal time to introduce children to scientific inquiry’ – Jennifer Buchter, UNLV Development Specialist. Childhood is the prime time to spark imagination, build problem-solving skills and share our knowledge of the world.

It is our responsibility to empower children and inspire them to study the skills they’ll need to pursue future careers and industries that are only just emerging. By shaking up the way we approach education and start adjusting it for the future, we can better equip the future generation. Technology is rapidly changing and any company or educational facilities needs to keep up with this evolution of coding, machine learning, and AI, in order to offer high-quality lessons and courses. This is our current mission at RoboThink. We aim to inspire children to develop their skills and knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and math so that they have a strong foundation to build up their awareness of the digital-first world.

2: Make Problem-solving Second Nature
A lot of machine learning is actually formed on the basis of problem-solving. A machine will be given a set of instructions first and then required to absorb and learn from data and experiences to eventually problem-solve themselves. This is why helping children develop problem-solving skills is so essential for the future. Not only will it help young learners who want to design and build robots and machines, but it also allows the mind to predict problems and think outside the box when it comes to solutions. A key life-skill but also essential for future engineers and scientists.

3: STEM Nurtures Young Minds
STEM can take more time to teach but the return on investment is so worth it! STEM lessons are based on real-world problems, such as the environment, or economic issues. By introducing children to the practical application of scientific methods, mathematical equations, and technological solutions, the need to learn is reinforced. When children appreciate that these skills will be needed so that they can achieve and progress in life, lessons can become more engaging, exciting, and inspirational.

STEM curriculum will help your child develop;
● Problem-solving skills
● Critical thinking
● Creativity
● Curiosity about the world
● Decision-making skills
● Leadership qualities
● Entrepreneurship

At RoboThink, we are proud to announce that we are paving the way forward for STEM education that involves coding, robotics, and engineering across 11 countries. We support, nurture and teach thousands of students every day. Enhance your child’s future through STEM lessons today. Unlock your child’s potential by enrolling in a RoboThink STEM course near you! Alternatively, we also offer online STEM classes to bring problem-solving and STEM programs specially designed for young learners to your home.

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